Re-Allocation Mechanism
Another major issue we want to address is how levels evolve over time, how gameplay is affected by big variations in levels between players and as a result how the game is kept interesting for both high level players and those new to the game.
This is where our level re-allocation mechanism comes into play. To fully understand it, please make sure you have familiarized yourself with GAME MECHANICS and STAKING AND LENDING.
The core principle is that the higher you get, the more you are tempted into staking and lending out their Riders or selling their gear (especially P2E players, see Roles and Market Participants), giving those with lower stats opportunites to play with better chances or to lean/buy Riders directly in return for POW tokens. This will re-allocate the levels of the Riders in such a way that the outermost extremes of the bell-shaped curve get drawn to the mid range, making the game more balanced for everyone.
Through staking, lending and the Gear marketplace, levels and funds get re-allocated. Those on the right side of the curve want to exchange their better Riders and Gear for monetary rewards with those on the left side, enhancing their levels until a balanced shape has been formed. This effect gets stronger at the outer parts of the bell curve.
Now, if levels get re-allocated anyways, why should one aim for a better Rider? Note that the way re-allocation happens is not by some magical algorithm, but due to the fact that those with better stats are actually selling or lending out their advantage. No matter whether they choose to stake, lend out or sell their Riders or Gear: there will be a monetary profit for those in the right half of the bell curve, which increases when we go even further to the right. This means that we have a constant monetary flow from the left to the right half, while stats and levels flow from the right to the left half, sustaining a balanced distribuion.
While the game gets played more and more, the stats of all Riders (and so their mean) will increase to higher and higher levels. This means that new Riders need to be minted at higher levels accordingly, so the game can be kept interesting. Again, if theyโ€™re minted far away from the mean, they will be re-allocated to the mid range, up-holding the shape of the curve while shifting it as a whole more and more to the right.
The longer the game has been played, the higher the average levels will be. This shifts the level distribution curve in higher ranges while maintaining its balanced out shape.
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