Stats and Properties
Rider properties (like snowboards, etc.) are NFTs themselves whose stats sum up to the Rider NFT's overall stats.
Each Avalanche Rider minted will come with a variety of properties and stats. Properties are assigned randomly when a new Rider is minted. They have different minting probabilities, meaning there's a rarity score for each property.
Properties also have a "Speed", "Technique" and "Agility" level. The scores of these three levels add up to an overall score for the Rider NFT. This overall score will be the deciding factor whether your Rider can train (and so perform) certain tricks or not.
Note that properties are NFTs on their own and they can be traded in the Ski Shop for other properties. This means that your Rider's metadata is not fixed but will change accordingly to the properties your Rider has.
As a simple example (compare to the diagram above), let's say you mint one Avalanche Rider. Among its other properties you got (per chance) an "Avax Carver" snowboard. Now let's further assume all your other properties' levels add up to 20/20/20 for Speed/Technique/Agility. Then with the Avax Carver having 4/3/5 levels, your Rider's overall score will be 24/23/25.

Getting higher stats

There are two options how you can increase the stats of your Riders. The first option is the one explained before, i.e. buying or winning properties with higher stats so that the overall stats of your Riders increase.
The second option is to directly increase your stats by burning your SKILL, meaning you can spend the SKILL earned in training for points on your Riders' stats. The higher your stats already are, the more SKILL will be needed to increase them.
You can read more about SKILL in the Tokens section.
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