Gym (Staking)
Riders can be sent to the gym in order to earn more SKILL. While at the gym your Riders NFTs are locked until the time period has passed. You can increase the amount of SKILL you can earn by choosing a harder workout program (= longer staking period) and sending Riders with higher stats and rarity scores to the gym.
Each gym requires an entrance fee and a membership fee that has to be paid to the gym owner (see Village Land section). The membership fee is given as a percentage of every rebase (in SKILL), whereas the entrance fee is a one-time payment in POW. Gym owners can decide on both fees themselves, meaning there will be a lot of open competition and interesting strategies for both gym owners and stakers.
Staking NFTs can be advantageous to players which don't have much time to play but still don't want to miss out on progressing in the game with their Riders, or for players who own multiple Riders but want to focus on the carreer of one Rider only. While the NFTs are staked, they can't be traded on the open market, meaning there will be less supply and higher demand, benefiting all players.
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