Tokenomics Overview of Events. See seperate sections for metaverse properties.
Events will be the most-exciting element of Avalanche Riders. They will be organized by either other players or the game devs on event locations. Locations have to be rented from those who have invested in metaverse properties (see more in "Ski Resorts" section).
Events can have entering criteria for Riders, such as stats or mastered tricks, and can be either free to join or have an entrance fee for both Riders and/or visitors. The organizers of events will provide a price pool (which can consist of a variety of different assets such as SKILL, POW or NFTs), which will then be distributed among the event winners accordingly to the rules set by the organizers.
By working together with other players and investors one can organize spectacularly big events and promote them / create a hype on social media etc. to attract lots of players and spectators.
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