"Help, Earn, Win!" - Earn Rewards in our Web App!
"Help, Earn, Win!" is a very simple marketing concept: You earn rewards for helping the Riders Gang grow. And to make it even simpler, we have designed an app!
The welcoming page of the HEW web app: Simply connecting your Twitter is all you need to do to get started!

How it works

The "Help, Earn, Win!" ("HEW") app is very straight-forward: You complete tasks and get rewarded in turn. There are extremely simple tasks such as liking our tweets, or there are bigger tasks for those who like to create content or develop external tools.
There are three types of rewards you can earn:
  • Ski Tickets, which let you participate in a big raffle (with prices totalling to 10'000'000 POW = 1% of total POW supply). Each Ski Ticket gives you one chance, meaning if you have 50 Tickets, for example, and in total there are 400 Tickets around, your chance to win is 50:400 (= 1:8 = 12.5%). Ski Tickets will also let you earn POW automatically based on your level.
  • POW Tokens, which you can earn either directly for completing bigger tasks or from achieving higher levels (more further below). All POW rewards will be distributed after the POW ICO directly to your wallets.
  • AVAX, which can be earned already for completing bigger tasks only and can be withdrawn using your MetaMask in a later version of this app.
The more Tickets you have, the higher your chance of winning the raffle. You can collect Tickets directly by completing the following tasks:
  • Each tweet of us you like will get you 1 Ticket.
  • Each tweet of us you retweet will get you 2 Tickets.
  • We will write a "selected" tweet on a regular (1-2 days) basis, which you can post directly to your timeline with one of our app's tools (see below). Posting this tweet will get you 5 Tickets every time.
  • Following us can be done once and will earn you 10 Tickets.
  • Joining our Discord server can be done once and will earn you 10 Tickets.
  • Engaging in our Discord server will also earn you a significant amount of Tickets and POW, see subsection Discord.
To be fair for everyone, we have included all likes and retweets that have been made in the past, meaning those who have supported us heavily in the last months will get rewarded accordingly!
Every helper using the HEW app will also have a Level, which will increase in a non-linear way based on the amount of Tickets you have. You will achieve level 1 when you have collected 30 Tickets, for example. Everytime you get to a higher level, you will earn 10 POW automatically.

Your Toolbar

Your personal toolbar
Upon logging in with your Twitter, you will be able to see your personal toolbar and dashboard. The toolbar is an array of four tools:
  • "Like and Retweet" will redirect you to our Twitter account where you can like and retweet our current tweets. You will be rewarded as explained in the previous paragraph. If you like or retweet one of our previous posts now, you will get rewarded for all tweets back to maximally 1 week prior to our most recent tweet. (e.g. if our most recent tweet was posted on 22nd of April, you will get rewarded for all likes and RTs of our tweets back to the 15th of April.)
  • "Post our Tweet" will directly post a tweet selected by us to your timeline. These "selected" tweets will always be some kind of marketing tweets for the Riders Gang. (For example: "Do you already now @avaxriders, go check them out!") You will get rewarded with 5 Tickets for posting our tweet. Please note that to be fair for everyone, the app will recognize if you delete a tweet again after you have received your Tickets. In that case, your tickets will get subtracted again from your account.
  • Engaging and Building Tasks are bigger tasks like content creation, developing external tools, starting interesting Discord conversations, writing a Medium article on us, etc., for which you can apply and get rewarded with either POW or AVAX. (See more below)

Your Dashboard

Your personal dashboard
Below your toolbar you can find your dashboard, which provides you with an overview on your activity and your rewards. It is subdivided into five parts, most of which are self-explanatory. On the lower right you can connect your HEW account with your Discord account, as explained in the next section.
You can find your current level in the mid-left of your dashboard, with the numbers left and right of the level bar indicating the amount of tickets required for this (left) and the next (right) level. Each new level will earn you 10 POW.


The HEW app lets you connect your account with Discord to earn additional rewards. Once you have connected, you will be able to see the purple mini-dashboard in the lower right of your HEW dashboard. The HEW app uses the "MEE6" Discord bot (mee6.xyz) to retrieve leaderboard data.
Here's which rewards can be earned additionally by using your Discord:
  • Each message sent to one of the three main channels (#après-ski, #project-board, #mountain-rescue) will give you 1 Ticket.
  • Each Discord (MEE6) level will earn you 5 POW.
  • At the end of each month, the Top 10 will get additional Tickets according to their rank: #1 will get 100 Tickets, then each lower rank will get 10 Tickets less, i.e. #2 gets 90 Tickets, ..., #10 gets 10 Tickets.
⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ We are well aware of the fact that these new features may promote spam-like behaviour, which is why we want to make clear that any account involved in such behaviour will be warned and ultimately banned from participating in the HEW app. "Spam-like behaviour" means for example sending messages with the same/similar content repeatedly and/or to different channels. It does NOT mean saying "Good Morning" every day.

Engage and Building Tasks

Additionally to the tasks you can complete on your Dashboard, Engage and Building Tasks allow you to do a variety of other activities, ranging from short and easy tasks to elaborate and more time-consuming tasks. Depending on their difficulty, they yield differently high rewards. There are tasks where everybody gets rewarded for completing it, and other tasks where we choose from all submissions and reward the best one(s). Each task has a description, in which - among other important things - it will be indicated whether everybody gets rewarded or only the best submission(s). So always read the description before choosing a task!
Let's have a quick look at the user interfaces (they're the same for both Engage and Build tasks):
Two engaging tasks within the "Help, Earn, Win!" app. Note how the upper tasks gives everyone 2 POW and 10 Tickets, while the lower task lets submitters choose rewards on their own, but only those accepted will be rewarded.
Each task will be displayed in a box. They have a task number (upper left in light blue), a due date (next to the task number in light blue), a title (in white) and a description in small blue text.
The rewards each task yields (no matter if everyone gets it or only chosen submitters) are displayed in the upper right of each box, seperated into AVAX, POW and Tickets (from left to right).
You can get more information on some tasks by clicking on it.
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