PvE- and PvP-Competitions
While events are restricted to a location and a timeframe, you can have spontaneous competitions anytime and anywhere in the Riders' metaverse. In competitions, you need to perform tricks against either another real-world player (PvP) or against a computer (PvE). To win a competition, you need to perform a trick better than your competitor. This means you need to get a higher score, which is determined by how accurate and timed you can enter the key combination required for the trick you have chosen.
Let's have a brief look at both playing modes:
PvE In PvE, you will compete against a computer. The computers score will be determined by an organic randomizer. This means the randomizer won't just generate a simple number as output, but simulate the entire key combination with randomized accuracy to get a score the same way that a real-world player does. The computers' winning probability will be affected by trick difficulty for the same reason that real-world players will have a harder time to perform harder tricks. By competing against a computer, you can bet an amount of POW and get rewarded by more POW in case of winning.
PvP In PvP, you will compete against another real-world player. Both players will bet an amount of POW and the winner will receive both bets (after subtracting fees for the lift / slope owners), whereas the loser will (obviously) lose his bet.
Additionally, players will earn SKILL for playing PvE- and PvP-competitions.
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