Two-Way Minting
Most NFT projects around use a rather traditional way of minting which is that you have a mint button on their website that you can click in order to get a randomly-generated NFT (i.e. their attributes are randomized) at a pre-defined price.
Due to the unique nature of how our NFTs work - as explained in Stats and Properties the Rider's attributes themselves are NFTs too - we are able to introduce a new and much fairer way of minting.
The way our minting works is that we provide you with two options to choose from when minting your Rider:
  • The classical way described above, which we call Rider Mint. You pay 1 AVAX and get a Rider with randomized attributes, meaning you can get any level from the lowest (18) to the highest (90), with the probability following a normal distribution (see sub-chapter).
  • An additional, safe and cheap way of minting. With the Tourist Mint you need to pay only 0.3 AVAX and get a lowest level (18) Rider. This means you pay less and there's no additional risk involved (you know what you get), but you don't have the chance on a better NFT either.
Note that in both ways you mint a total of seven NFTs (1 Rider NFT + 6 Gear NFTs).
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