SWOT Analysis
  • Aligning the motivations of all roles involved: Players, investors, devs, collectors and managers.
  • A thought-through in-game economy with some revolutionary new concepts such as integrated lending.
  • Re-allocation mechanism of our Tokenomics keeps interest high on all sides and evens out fluctuations in active players and investors.
  • Although amateur team, we have academic backgrounds in economics and computational physics, experienced in 3D-design and game dev, and knowing each other since high school what makes communication and progress fast and uncomplicated.
  • Relatively small community and team size compared to other P2E projects.
  • There are still areas we're not experienced in (e.g. marketing), meaning we either need to outsource or learn these skills.
  • At the moment still low capital available, aimed to grow with Riders and Gear sales.
  • Although we have researched and calculated a lot in designing our in-game economy, it's still experimental, meaning we have no references to compare with.
  • General blockchain adoption happening worldwide, more and more important players joining such as governments (El Salvador) and big companies (Microsoft, Amazon, AT&T, etc.)
  • Rise of E-sports and general public interest in gaming within the last decade -> our in-game events (see Events) are providing a good framework for such public tournaments.
  • Growing demand for NFTs as in-game assets, which are decentralized and not owned by big companies (like gaming behemoth EA, for example).
  • Open-source code makes it possible for everyone to build on our metaverse. Later transition to DAO structure makes the entire project to belong to everyone.
  • Volatility of cryptocurrency and NFT markets in general may result in capital flowing out of our project as well.
  • Infancy of NFT and P2E markets: Possible sudden prive movements or governmental regulations may pose a threat to realizing our plans fast and uncomplicated.
  • Heavy, fast-growing competition in the P2E and NFT space.
  • Possibility of impersonators, fakers, fake airdrops, and online fraud in general (i.e. other people acting under our name) as a result of low to none legal regulations.
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